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Arbalete Meandros Dragon B28

Arbalete testata chiusa

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169,00 €

Asta 6.25mm e gomme da 17,5.
Fusto con guida-asta, testata chiusa Meandros, impugnatura con sgancio arretrato.


• Tube material:      Aeronautical aluminum alloy.
• Tube dimensions:    26.0mm ID & 28.0mm OD.
• Tube cut shape:    Round with supporting extensions / multi sided.
• Wall thickness:     1.0mm - 1.45mm.
• Buoyancy:      +3.73gr / cm.
• Ballasting ability:    Yes.
• Rail type/height:      V type embedded / 16mm from center of pipe.
• Pipe protection:     Anodized.
• Color:     Black mat.
• Handle: Atladic Leader B-28.
• Handle profile:    Extremely low.
• Mechanism:    Inverted  inox with plastic trigger, innovative design.
 • Line releasse:    Ambidextrous horizontal.
• Handle adjustment in the pipe:    Male.
• Sealing:    O-ring 18x4.0.
• Grip:    Ambidextrous,white, anatomic, non-slip, antiallergic, detachable.
• Safety:    Recessed in the trigger guard.
• Loading pad:    With excellent line of  sight.
• Muzzle:    DRAGON / id 26.
• Muzzle type:    Close for pair srew  bands.
• Rubbers:    17.5mm black latex / 1 pair srew rubbers.
• Wishbone:    Articulated threaded, hydrodynamic, spring end.
• Shaft:     6.25mm / 2 notch / single barb.